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Money For A New Home

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Children all deserve a chance to be loved as well as experience a world that can provide them with what the basic necessities to thrive. This project is to help create a sustainable children's home in Rote, Indonesia. Rote is a desert island and often lacks fresh, clean drinking water. Also, their current living conditions are below what we imagine living in the US. While I was in Bali I heard of a young girl passing away in Rote due to dehydration and after seeing their current children's home I decided that I needed to help out. For three years now I have gone back to Rote to give money for construction, school uniforms, food, and even helping with the electric bill. As of now, we have been able to raise money for one more year of rent at a different home. This will buy us time until we can get the new home built.

The money donated through the site goes into the Loving Orphans Global Rote non-profit bank account that I have access to. The goal is to use this money to buy materials, pay laborers, get necessary machines, and ultimately fund the construction of the new children's home. Although, due to the slow progress of the home, we use money for necessities for the children as well. The first phase is putting in the foundation (which is underway) and then moving towards bricks, windows, and other building materials. I work to pay my own way back and forth from Indonesia to the States. Therefore, what you donate directly translates to progress for the children, the new home, and the community in Rote.

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